Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Reacharound: Rude Reader Kristina DeVries Deserves a Celebration

The Rude Pundit receives messages here and there, not as many as you'd think because of his firm "not giving a shit" policy. Most of them are along the lines of "Fuck you, you fucking Obama cock-lamprey" or invitations to leave the United States for another country. Generally, they're not that articulate. But then you get something that tells you about the good goodness being done by someone who takes the time to read this not-so-humble blog, and, well, that deserves a nod on a sunny Friday.

Kristina DeVries is a Florida progressive who started a private Facebook page where other progressives, some in red states themselves, could safely say mean things about conservatives without the trolls and douches chiming in. She calls it "The Blue Room" (not named after the play where Nicole Kidman got naked a few years back). It grew in two years from seven to nearly 600 members, and those dedicated liberals are having a second anniversary meet-up in Chicago tomorrow.

Let's let DeVries' friend Cindy Reed take it from here: "DeVries, who is solely responsible for bringing these like-minded folks together, is traveling from Florida to Chicago for a party we have planned in celebration of our anniversary. Not only has she provided us a safe place to post and vent, we have all been inspired to put our money where our mouths are, and either donate to the progressive cause, or to actually put boots on the ground. Several of us proudly worked on election campaigns, both state and federal, across the country. We have become a family, of sorts. Miles separate us, but ideology doesn't. Personally, I've found that I have closer relationships to these folks than I do with people I've actually met in 'the real world.' We run the gamut of race, economic and social position. And we all transcend these classifications because of this one woman."

The Rude Pundit appreciates the ever-loving fuck out of people who walk the walk, and DeVries does so, again and again: "She raised $1500 in 4 hours for an uninsured members cancer screening. The excess of that fund was donated to a battered women's shelter." That kicks so much ass that her feet can't find enough asses to kick. The work of people who are perhaps under the radar is what keeps all of us sane and connected to our humanity.

So this is a big ol "Thanks" and a potentially uncomfortably long hug to Kristina DeVries. If you make the world a better, safer place for even a few people, you've simply made the world a better place. The Rude Pundit will shoot some whiskey in your honor.